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Windsor Heritage Walk

One of Brisbane’s oldest shires, Windsor has unfortunately suffered the ravages of progress more than most, with quarrying, major road and tunnel works slicing through its hills and fragmenting it into little islands of preserved heritage.

Yet a walk around its still charming hilly streets reveals a fascinating history of gorgeous […]

Remount Depot

Horses for the Army. Work at Wilston.
Source: The Telegraph: 15 September 1914
One of the busiest centres of military preparations in the metropolitan area is the remount depot at Wilston, where all the horses,bought and given, are received and examined by the military authorities. Colonel H. V. King lately was
appointed director […]

Windsor’s heritage-listed homes and places

The Brisbane City Council maintains a Heritage Database which allows searches for places, heritage buildings and places of significance.

Physical details, historical information, builder, architectural period and style plus photographs are all available through the search.

view the Heritage Register

Windsor has a number of heritage-listed sites, […]

About Windsor

Windsor, an inner suburb of Brisbane, is five km north-east of the city centre.

The first land sales in the Windsor area were in 1855, with further installments until the end of the decade. The Enoggera/Breakfast Creek separated the area from Brisbane, crossed only at the Breakfast Creek bridge near Albion. […]

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