Brisbane trams: Why we no longer take them to work, and where to go for a ride today


Trams are an iconic part of Melbourne, just as they used to be in Sydney. But you may not know they once played an important role in Brisbane's public transport system. At a time when [...]

Brisbane trams: Why we no longer take them to work, and where to go for a ride today2018-03-22T08:57:07+10:00

Brisbane Tuff


Brisbane Tuff indeed is a wonder rock and has been quarried since first settlement of Brisbane. The first quarry was the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and from there stone for many buildings and churches was sourced. [...]

Brisbane Tuff2018-01-03T08:14:45+10:00

Remount Depot


Horses for the Army. Work at Wilston. Source: The Telegraph: 15 September 1914 One of the busiest centres of military preparations in the metropolitan area is the remount depot at Wilston, where all the horses,bought [...]

Remount Depot2018-01-01T10:08:15+10:00

Windsor’s heritage-listed homes and places


The Brisbane City Council maintains a Heritage Database which allows searches for places, heritage buildings and places of significance. Physical details, historical information, builder, architectural period and style plus photographs are all available through the [...]

Windsor’s heritage-listed homes and places2017-12-30T12:18:33+10:00

About Windsor


Windsor, an inner suburb of Brisbane, is five km north-east of the city centre. The first land sales in the Windsor area were in 1855, with further installments until the end of the decade. The [...]

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