Historical Estate Maps

The Society has a collection of copies of over 100 historical estate maps of the area.

Was your house built on one of these estates?

Prints can be ordered from the society and make a great addition to any home decor.

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Historical Land Titles

The Society provides a service for obtaining copies of Queensland Historical Land Titles.

With the details of the property lot number etc, (perhaps from a rate notice), a Society member will download the title deed from the designated site and then generate an A3 print upon request. The cost of the service is $35. For further information, email or phone the Society.

Historical Sketches

by renowned artist  Tony Walker.

Tony Walker has spent some time in the area that was once the Town of Windsor, creating sketches of historical buildings and places.

Prints of these sketches can be purchased through the Society and make a great feature in any home.

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About the Society

Situated five minutes north of Brisbane’s city centre, the suburb of Windsor is steeped in the history of Brisbane.

As one of Brisbane’s older suburbs, the landscape of Windsor is sprinkled with grand old homes, majestic Queenslanders, heritage-listed buildings and renovated workers cottages. Hilly parts of the suburb boast stunning city views, while the low-lying areas enjoy the calm tranquillity of Enoggera Creek.

The Windsor and Districts Historical Society Inc is based in the former Council Chambers, a quaint old stone building, constructed in 1897 from stone carved out of the nearby Windsor quarry. The old building and quarry are now heritage-listed and can be visited for a glimpse of this fascinating piece of Brisbane history. Visitors to the area can also visit the Windsor War Memorial located near the Chambers building and admire the beautiful old stone cenotaph.

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