All that remains of Windsor council is a tuff old building

Brisbane Times | 26th January 2018

It’s funny how you can pass something a thousand times and never really see it.

Such is the case of the old Windsor Council Chambers on busy Lutwyche Road, one of the main routes heading north out of Brisbane.

There she sits in all her splendour, in direct line of view of the busy traffic-stream of a major road and yet, possibly because it has been there for more than a century, it has become part of the scenery and goes largely unnoticed.

It’s beside the old Windsor quarry that once supplied the colony with stone – porphyry or Brisbane tuff as it was better known – which of course was the natural choice of building material.

Sandstone blocks around the doors and windows add the character.

The way to recognise quality Brisbane tuff (rhymes with woof) I am told, is that it has a tinge of pink and this building is famous for its uniformity of pink. Not surprising really, as I imagine they had the pick of the quarry stone right next door.

The chambers were built in 1897 to house the Windsor Shire Offices.

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