Eildon Hill Reserve

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Chances are, if you’ve visited or lived in Brisbane for more than a mere week, you’re most likely familiar to our iconic lookouts with beautiful views of the skyline, including Mt Coot-tha, Kangaroo Point, and South Bank. However, at certain times of the day, and especially at certain times of the year, these lookouts are likely to be packed with both visitors and locals alike – and where’s the fun in that? It’s time to check out some of Brisbane’s lesser known lookouts, with equally stunning views! And this is where Eildon Hill Reserve comes in.

Eildon Hill Reserve is located in Windsor, an inner northern suburb approximately 3.5km from Brisbane’s central business district. More specifically, the reserve is accessed through Constitution Road, one of the many fairly steep and winding residential streets that make up the suburb of Windsor – Eildon Hill Reserve is literally the centre point of a string of houses, the majority of which are old Queenslanders. Windsor is no doubt a beautiful suburb, and is rich in both history and architecture.

A video of the Eildon Hill history was made for the society in 2014 and this can be viewed on You Tube.

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Eildon Hill Windsor Brisbane – The history – YouTube

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