Skinner’s Preserved Delicacies

Brainard Skinner worked in England for many celebrated preserving companies including Cooper & Aves.

In 1872, a small preserving works was established at O’Connell Town in partnership with Mr Lynde and later with Mr Clarke.

Skinner had perfected a process of canning meat, fish and fruit that did not need a high pressure steam boiler. The factory contained a tinsmith’s shop,butcher’s shop, kitchen, preserving room, and smoke house.

Turtle Soup

Skinner’s most famous product was his Green Turtle Soup. The turtles were sourced from Moreton Bay and the soup was canned in a concentrated form. The soup was recommended by physicians as it was very sustaining. It was used by several Queensland Governors and supplied to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales. It won 30 First Prizes, 8 Gold Medals from 1878 to 1887 as well as a Gold Medal at Earls Court.

The soup was said to be a very superior article and free from any tinned or preserved flavour. It was exported to the southern states and to Great Britain. Not only did Skinner make Turtle Soup, he also made Beche-de-Mer Soup.

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