Windsor Oil Tanks


From 1911, Messrs Bowser & Lever operated a quarry and office at the corner of Lutwyche and Newmarket Roads at Windsor.

This quarry land was compulsory acquired from Bowser & Lever in November 1939.   The Royal Australian Navy then established three large oil tanks in this disused quarry.

During World War Two, the tanks were disguised from aerial observation by painting tennis court markings on top and covering them with camouflage netting.  Also, small buildings were created to resemble “tennis sheds” which would cast a shadow to make the aerial view look authentic. Oil stored here was gravity fed through pipes to the Newstead Wharf to supply shipping, especially the US Navy in WW2

In September 1979 the tanks were removed from the Quarry and the site filled with spoil from flood mitigation work in Kedron Brook.

The Windsor Homemaker Centre was built on this site in the 1980’s, and various shops still occupy the site today.


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