Windsor State School

Windsor State School has an outstanding reputation as a school with a strong sense of community spirit and support.

This reputation began in 1865 when local residents of the area lobbied the government for a school for their children. Through their joint efforts of lobbying, donating, and helping, Windsor’s history began with the opening of the Bowen Bridge Road State School, July 1865, in the current Windsor Memorial Park, (across the road from the current school).

The current, heritage-listed, Windsor State School opened in 1916 and replaced the Bowen Bridge Road State School after its 50 years of existence.

Additions over the years included a swimming pool in 1925, a stand- alone infant’s school in 1934 which became an opportunity school in 1966 and later part of the main school (the constitution building).  In 2010 a new building and hall was erected on the site of the old tennis courts.

During WW 2, one of the two ovals of the school was taken over by the US navy to erect buildings to house supplies for its submarines, based at New Farm.  In 2018 this area was returned to the school.

For more information regarding the history of the school, please contact or visit the Windsor & Districts Historical Society.

A book was produced in 2015 which outlines 150 years of the school’s history and is available for sale through the society.


Windsor State School Brisbane a short history as at 2014 – YouTube




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