Historical Homes – Rosemount

Rosemount House is important in demonstrating the evolution of Queensland – and Windsor’s- history.

The original stone cottage was first built in 1855 by Daniel Rowntree Somerset, the Chief Customs Officer and Shipping Master for the port of Brisbane. Rosemount House was then sold in 1880 to James Hamilton who subdivided the land into 90 allotments.

In 1894 the original stone cottage was demolished and renowned architect George Henry Addison worked on the house during the 1890’s. It was then sold to Alfred Jones. At the start of World War 1 Jones loaned the house to the Government for the duration of the war to use as a repatriation hospital. In 1918 the site was acquired by the Government for a permanent hospital. The buildings were leased to Royal Brisbane Hospital in 1949, and between 1960 and 1980 it was used as repatriation and then a geriatric and mental health campus for RBH. The buildings were then closed down in 1994 and left derelict until 2005.

Karuna Hospice respectfully restored the house and it is now used as a base for their charity. Karuna Hospice provides free home based palliative care for those people in the community with a life limiting illness who wish to die at home. The house is also used for community workshops and meditation, counselling and bereavement sessions, and fundraising events.

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History of Rosemount House Windsor including Karuna Hospice as at 2014 – YouTube

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